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What is your favorite part of LaunchPad?
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By the Numbers

Spring 2017 Analysis

In the spring of 2017, we sent out a survey to over 500 instructors and over 12,000 students using LaunchPad. We asked them the following statements with the option to agree, disagree, or be unsure. This is how many agreed:


of students said LaunchPad increased their engagement with the course content.


of instructors said LaunchPad helped students improve their knowledge of the course materials.

Instructor Case Studies

We at Macmillan know, from student surveys, that students like our media products and find them to be successful. But don’t take our word for it. Check out the following case studies from instructors for more information.

Don Ehlers

Northwest Missouri State University

See how Don Ehlers at Northwest Missouri State University radically changed his general psychology class with LaunchPad and LearningCurve.

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Cindee Giffen

University of Michigan

Cindee Giffen from the University of Michigan talked at Tech Ed Week 2016 about how she and her colleagues created a highly structured and customized course design for majors introductory biology using LaunchPad.

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