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Sapling Intro Stats is a new online homework system for introductory statistics courses.

Sapling Intro Stats is different. Sapling makes every problem count Created and supported by educators, Sapling believes that every question is an opportunity for a student to learn through problem solving. Our carefully developed content genuinely teaches.

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Reasons why Sapling Intro Stats is better:

  • An extensive question library of 850+ questions, each with hints and detailed solutions

  • Targeted, error-specific feedback that addresses students' misconceptions

  • One-on-one instructor support from a subject expert

  • A variety of exercise types for conceptual and computational understanding

  • Works with a variety of introductory texts, so instructors are not tied to one book

We know the importance of support. That’s why we offer the best support in the industry with Sapling Learning. A key factor that sets Sapling Learning apart from other online homework systems is our commitment to educator support. We match educators with a Sapling Learning Client Success Specialist — a Ph.D. or master’s — level subject expert—who provides collaboration, software expertise, and consulting to tailor each course to fit your instructional goals and student needs.

Exercises & error-specific feedback

See sample Sapling Learning exercises and the unmatched error-specific feedback.

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Hello. My name is Nikhil Revankar and I'm the Client Success Specialist for Statistics and Mathematics. I have a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and economics from Cornell University and a master’s degree in economics from the University of Virginia. I have previously worked as a teacher and teaching assistant at the high school and higher education levels for a wide range of courses in Mathematics, Statistics, and Economics. If you would like to know more about how I assist instructors with Sapling Intro Stats, email me.

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