Beth Hewett


"Reading to Learn and Writing to Teach has definitely made me rethink the composition of what I post and when I post it."
—Susan Dominguez, Case Western Reserve University

"Hewett presents research to show how technology has changed not just our culture but how we process the world and learn. If we want to be effective teachers, we need these ideas to inform our pedagogy….It’s critical that we embrace a digital literacy that helps our students learn to write—and also to read."
—Emily Nye, Ashford University

"The Online Writing Conference is the first to address the questions of accessible pedagogy, technology, and inclusivity. Seasoned instructors will see their tutoring beliefs validated on every page . . . and new tutors will find great solace in Hewett’s gentle prodding to ease them into the text-centered art of online conferencing. Every online writing consultant should have on their desk a copy of this new edition."
—Sushil Oswal, University of Washington Tacoma

"The ubiquity of online conferencing across instructional settings means that teachers, more than ever, need clear guidance on effective online conferencing pedagogy. Hewett’s book is the place to find that guidance."
—Jason Allen Snart, College of DuPage, and author of Hybrid Learning: The Perils and Promise of Blending Online and Face-to-Face Instruction in Higher Education

Beth Hewett