Gunjan Sinha


"The stories in the book were the main incentives for my selection of the text. I find that these narratives spark student interest and can actually generate more discussion of the basic topics."
Leslie Winemiller of Texas A&M University

"The stories illustrate the relevance to real life and I know this is helpful for student interest and understanding."
Brenda Bourns of Seattle University

"Extremely engaging! I was enthralled reading it. I am sure the students will be equally engaged."
Jamie Jensen of Brigham Young University

"Students feel the writing style is similar to a magazine article, making it easier for them to understand."
Edwin Wong of Western Connecticut State University

"Love the art. Looks much more compelling and understandable than in many other textbooks. Colors and drawings are bold and vivid. Very clear labels."
Edwin Wong of Western Connecticut State University

"The art is exceptional! Diagrams are clear and concise and the students have no difficulty understanding what is being shown."
Amber Qureshi of University of Wisconsin- River Falls

"The art quality is fantastic, which is one of the big reasons I chose this book. The art work is high quality, appropriately detailed, clearly labeled, and relatively easy for students to understand."
Willy Cushwa of WSU-Vancouver

"I found the art work appropriately placed, detailed, and yet clean and meaningful when necessary."
Don Terpening of Ulster County Community College

"The students really like the book. It excited them about the area of biology; I haven't been able to say this about any other biology book I have used in the last ten years."
Jacqueline Jordan of Clayton State University

"Students have given rave reviews about this textbook."
Marcia Pierce of Eastern Kentucky University

"I really like the emphasis on the process of science - excellent to finally have a book that emphasizes what is really important to the non-major: why science as a discipline has such value for teaching us about the world. Thank you for emphasizing what the non-major may have missed about the importance of science and the significance of correlative studies versus controlled experiments."
Brenda Bourns of Seattle University

"Based on anecdotal comments from students, they do find the writing style to be much more engaging that the previous book I used. I made the decision to switch to Biology for a Changing World because I thought the writing style was more engaging, less "jargon filled", and would be beneficial to the students."
Willy Cushwa of WSU-Vancouver

"My first thought when I first picked up the book was how shockingly, delightfully small it is. My students won’t have to turn into hunchbacks carrying 40 pounds of books in their backpacks!"
Dianne Purves of Crafton Hills College

"The reader discovers immediately that the book is manageable both in weight and appearance."
Kathy McCormick of Western Piedmont Community College

"I liked the format used in this chapter. It increases student engagement which is key in motivating students to read the text."
Jon Aoki of University of Houston-Downtown


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