Iris Au


"I was looking for a textbook that would be easy to read and follow for my students but would not compromise on the math and the algebra involved at this level. Both micro and macro textbooks are very well structured. I especially like the particular sequence of chapters used in both textbooks. The textbook are also very compatible for the math and algebra that I use for my classes. I can easily use some advanced strategies with the help of the appendix or tone down the difficulty level by skipping the appendix contents." -Rabia Aziz, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

"The examples are crisp and easy to grasp." -Carmen Dybwad, University of Regina



"Micro by Krugman was a dream come true for me. The organization of this textbook is exactly what I was looking for. It allows for natural progression towards more complex concepts as we near the last part of the course." --Rabia Aziz, Kwantlen Polytechnic University


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