Jennifer Sheppard


"This is the rhetoric text you need for teaching 21st century literacies."
Lanette Cadle, Missouri State University

"A warmly welcoming resource for teaching that may encourage and assist even the most fearful, reluctant, or tech-wary instructors to embrace multimodality in their classrooms."
Kristin Ravel, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

"If you are interested in incorporating multimodal projects in your class assignments, Writer/Designer will provide the framework and key concepts needed to keep the class engaged and productive."
Shawn Apostel, Bellarmine University

"Writer/Designer brings together rhetorical concepts and multimodal writing in a practical, classroom-based way."
Jason Kahler, Saginaw Valley State University

"After engaging with this text, students will be knowledgeable, capable, and confident multimodal writers and participants in digital culture."

—Sarah Arroyo, California State University Long Beach
"Writer/Designer grounds complex processes in a vocabulary that freshman composition students can understand."

—Alex Layne, Purdue University

"This is the kind of book I rarely see—the kind that makes me reimagine what I would do in a composition course, and gives me the hope that there are more tools to do what I have wanted to do."

—Lisa Bickmore, Salt Lake Community College

"The material is easy to read and interesting. Even those with no background in teaching multimodal composition could use this textbook with little difficulty."

—Ben Lauren, Florida International University

"Writer/Designer feels and sounds like it is actually speaking to students, which is rare among textbooks."

—Daniel Keller, Ohio State University

Jennifer Sheppard

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