Susan Anker


Real Skills is a textbook that understands the needs of developmental students. The contents are relevant, focused, and meaningful for students beginning to learn the writing process.”
--Anthony Gargano, Long Beach City College

“I love the way Anker has of breaking the material down to the Basics. It's a great way for my students to gain control over the content, which is important for developmental students." –Polly Hawk, Kansas City Community College


“What I loved about Real Writing was that it helped ME to learn how to teach, interact, and communicate with my students better than I ever could have on my own.”–Rebekah Lewis, Miami Dade College North Campus

“I love the readings in this book, and it covers most of the topics I want to teach in my class. I have not seen a better book for developmental students. I wish more textbooks were like it.” –Regina Peters, Blinn College


“The brief Anker series offers a comprehensive, user-friendly approach to teaching critical thought, grammar and punctuation, the writing process, and rhetorical strategy. It's the only brief textbook series I would consider using in my introductory-level writing classes.”
—Lisa Oldaker Palmer, Quinsigamond Community College

“Perfect for our students. Clear and concise, with all the tools to help students succeed.”
—Jim McKeown, McLennan Community College

“This is a solid text that provides an extensive grammar overview and extensive lessons on the primary writing modes used in composition courses.”
—Jeff Kosse, Iowa Western Community College

“It's pretty much all the good stuff from the regular text, with access to much more online, and all at a great value to our cash-strapped students.”
—Loren Mitchell, Hawaii Community College


Susan Anker

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