William James


"This is the most accessible, compact, readable and eminently teachable version of The Varieties of Religious Experience that I have encountered. Professor Abzug has trimmed non-essential passages from the text without sacrificing sense or sensibility, a tremendous feat that will be warmly received by teachers and students alike."

— James T. Fisher, Fordham University

"This excellent abridgement captures all the important features of the original in a length suitable for classroom use and includes a solid introduction that situates the text in terms of James's life, his psychology and pragmatism, as well as the intellectual and cultural history of the period."

— Daniel Wickberg, University of Texas at Dallas

"Abzug's excellent introduction effectively shows the relationship between a subtle work of religious analysis and a man who managed to hold disparate ideas and commitments in balance. The late nineteenth century was a period of profound intellectual transition, and Abzug establishes clear connections between James's book and this broader context. He has a gift for choosing a word, phrase, or anecdote to crystallize a personal quality or historical trend."

— Anne C. Rose, Pennsylvania State University

"Abzug's abridgement of William James's Varieties of Religious Experience is well done and will cast new light on an important text by a figure who may count, still today, as the United States' greatest contributor to the western philosophical tradition."

— Michael Wakeford, University of North Carolina School of the Arts


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