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From the team that brought you i>clicker

What is FlipIt?

FlipIt began as a project from Tim Stelzer, Mats Selen, and Gary Gladding at the University of Illinois. They were dismayed at how difficult students found the introductory physics course, and knew there was a better way. Their solution was to develop the ‘PreLecture’ videos and implement them in class.

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Driven by research

The team of Stelzer, Selen, and Gladding, the same team behind the i>clicker classroom response system, developed FlipIt and extensively tested the prelecture components in a number of peer reviewed published research studies. We know. Hundreds of students at the University of Illinois tried the PreLecture videos at the heart of FlipIt and the results are clear—

  1. The number of students who had a positive perception of the course almost doubled

  2. Nearly 80% said they got more out of class time lectures.

  3. The number of students who found the course to be ‘one of the hardest they ever took’ was cut in half

Student Perception of Course
Before FlipIt (2001-07)
With Prelecture Content (2008)
  • 78%
  • 43%

Difficult Course

  • 38%
  • 75%

Positive Attitude

  • 40%
  • 76%

Lecture Valuable

Their project evolved into a full system that utilized the PreLecture videos, embedded questions, CheckPoint questions, and homework capability. They have subsequently published a multitude of peer reviewed papers that speak to the efficacy of the system.

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A complete course system

FlipIt redefines the interaction between students, lectures, and the instructor. It offers extensive support before, during, and after class, providing instructors and students with ongoing feedback that leads to more engaging and targeted lectures and improved assessment results.

With FlipIt:


Students watch PRELECTURES—narrated, animated tutorials with embedded questions—to prepare for lectures.


Students complete BRIDGE assessments before class to pinpoint how much they understand core concepts.

STUDENT REPORTS give instructors the information they need to target their lectures.

The PROBLEMS that accompany each course provide a forum for students to put into practice what they’ve learned during the Prelecture and lecture experience. In addition the many of the Problems offer extensive video feedback for students to view in order for them to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts.


By reviewing PreLecture and Checkpoint results, instructors can pinpoint specific areas that require more attention in class, making lecture time more valuable for students and instructors alike. And – starting in 2015 - FlipIt has been developed to work seamlessly with i>clicker, taking full advantage of the convenience and capabilities of the world’s best-selling classroom response system.