Macmillan Learning Ready

An Inclusive Access and Digital Discount Program.

When it comes to getting your class off to a great start, there’s ready.
And then there’s...Macmillan Learning Ready

An inclusive Access and Digital Discount Program.

Do you want to make sure ALL students have the RIGHT materials on the FIRST day of class?
Do you want to make sure ALL students are REGISTERED with the ONLINE materials on the FIRST day of class?
Do you want to make sure ALL of your instructors (for a particular course) are doing the same thing,
and ALL students have access to the same resources?
Do you want your course to be as cost effective for students as possible?

Then get ready. Macmillan Learning Ready

With the Macmillan Ready program, everything is set for you and your students ahead of time, so your class gets off to a great start. And we work with your school to discount these materials and make the cost a part of each student’s tuition—a big savings for them!

To find out more about Macmillan Ready, contact your local Macmillan representative.

Students Save Up to 70% On Course Materials Bought Through Digital Discount Programs

With Digital Discount Programs, college students can save up to 70% on downloadable course materials that are available before the first day of class. These digital programs give students an easy, affordable way to get the materials they need for classroom success.

Course Material Spending

2014/2015 and 2015/2016 spending from Student Monitor, Spring 2016. Using Digital Discount Programs demonstrates estimated savings up to 70% on 2015-2016 figure.

Digital Discount Programs Give Students Fast, Affordable Access to Their Course Materials.

Shared courtesy of the Association of American Publishers