We do more so you can

achieve more.

Our Commitment to our Customers

When it comes to the classroom, we know there isn’t one single path to reaching the summit of teaching and learning success. That’s why Macmillan Learning is committed to doing everything we can to help teachers teach the way they want and students learn in the most effective way possible. Our team is ready to support each instructor every step of the way and to help students reach the full heights of their potential—in the course, throughout college, and into the future. We do more so you can achieve more.

Affordable & Flexible Options

Macmillan Learning provides a wide range of effective, affordable, personalized classroom solutions, backed by matchless service and support. One size doesn’t fit all so we offer a range from hybrid, low-cost materials to fully integrated content platforms. Our range of affordable materials will meet your specific needs.

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High Quality Content

The quality of our content matters. We partner with leading educators and authors (including Nobel laureates), as well as acclaimed researchers, award-winning developers, and domain experts, to provide you with the strongest tools for success.

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Learning Science & Insights

As the Learning Insights company, we are passionate and scientific about helping students, instructors, and institutions to achieve their full potential. We use a unique combination of user-centered design, research from the learning sciences, and empirical insights from extensive data mining and Impact Research.

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Partnership & Service

We are with you from the first conversation about your classroom needs through final exams—before class starts to help develop the right solution; when preparing for class give you the training you need; and throughout the course, to make sure everything runs smoothly.

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Our Commitment is to Honor Your Commitment

Macmillan Learning is a privately held, family-owned company, with the organization, the experience, and the flexibility to respond quickly to the changing classroom. As education publishers, our commitment is to honor your commitment—your dedication to your profession and to the students you teach.

And if a student struggles?

As part of our ongoing commitment to success, if any student uses one of our digital products (specifically, LaunchPad, Sapling, Writer’s Help or Achieve Read and Practice) for a course, but then needs to retake that course for academic reasons, we’ll extend access for another term at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

We do more so you can


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