The Business Writer's Companion - Rental Only
Eighth Edition   ©2017

The Business Writer's Companion - Rental Only

Gerald J. Alred (University of Wisconsin -- Milwaukee) , Charles T. Brusaw (Sinclair Community College) , Walter E. Oliu

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-04476-X; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-04476-3; Format: Spiral Bound, 512 pages

Expanded coverage of “social media” discusses the growing importance of composing, collaborating, and constructing a professional identity in digital environments. Updates include:
          ● Discussion of how a strong social media presence on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and -              LinkedIn can be seen as a boon to employers.
          ● A new sample résumé emphasizing social media fluency.
          ● An updated Writer’s Checklist for “Judicious Use of Social Media.”
Tab 9: Job Search and Application has been heavily revised to account for the role social media plays in the job search:
          ● A revised entry for “interviewing for a job” takes into account how businesses use social-             media in the interviewing and screening process.
          ● An updated entry for “job search” gives new strategies for finding jobs, including using-              social media channels to yield more fruitful results.
Improved entries for “global communication” and “international correspondence” include two new letters per entry modeling effective and ineffective techniques and emphasize the importance of recognizing, respecting, and adapting to the expectations of global audiences in the workplace.
A new entry for “instant messaging” gives guidance on communicating effectively via messaging programs.
A new entry for “infographics” explains how the combination of text and visuals can be used to clarify information.
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