Second Edition, Canadian Edition   ©2014

Microeconomics: Canadian Edition

Paul Krugman (City University of New York) , Robin Wells , Iris Au , Jack Parkinson

  • ISBN-10: 1-4292-4005-9; ISBN-13: 978-1-4292-4005-5; Format: Paper Text, 720 pages

Following is a brief selection of Canadian material:

  • Chapter 2: Economics In Action: Economists, Beyond the Ivory Tower
  • Chapter 2: Opener, From Kitty Hawk to CSeries
  • Chapter 4: Economics In Action, High Times Down on the Farm
  • Chapter 4: Economics In Action, Take the Keys, Please
  • Chapter 5: Economics In Action, The Lobsters of Atlantic Canada
  • Chapter 6: Business Case, The Airline Industry: Fly Less, Charge More
  • Chapter 6: Opener, More Precious than a Flu Shot
  • Chapter 7: Economics In Action, Who Pays Canada's Payroll Taxes?
  • Chapter 8: Economics In Action, Trade Protection in Canada
  • Chapter 8: Economics In Action, Freeubg Canada's Trade with the World
  • Chapter 8: Opener, Car Parts and Sucking Sounds
  • Chapter 9: Business Case, Banks Help Cardholders Be Credit Smart and in Control
  • Chapter 10: Economics In Action, The Great Condiment Craze
  • Chapter 11: Economics In Action, There's No Business like Snow Business
  • Chapter 11: Opener, The Farmer's Margin
  • Chapter 12: Business Case. In Store and Online
  • Chapter 13: Economics In Action, Sales, Factory Outlets and Ghost Cities
  • Chapter 14: Opener, Caught in the Act
  • Chapter 16: Economics In Action, The Impeccable Economics Logic of Early-Childhood Intervention Programs
  • Chapter 17: Economics In Action, St Lawrence Seaway
  • Chapter 17: Economics In Action, A Take of Two Fisheries
  • Chapter 18: Economics In Action, Long-Term Trends in Income Inequality in the Canada
  • Chapter 18: Economics In Action, French Family Values
  • Chapter 19: Economics In Action, The Factor Distribution of Income in Canada
  • Chapter 19: Economics In Action, Help Wanted!
  • Chapter 19: Economics In Action, Marginal Productivity and the “1%”
  • Chapter 19: Economics In Action, The Decline of the Summer Job
  • Chapter 20: Economics In Action, Warranties
  • Chapter 20: Economics In Action, When Lloyds Almost Llost It