Writing That Works: Communicating Effectively on the Job
Twelfth Edition   ©2016

Writing That Works: Communicating Effectively on the Job

Walter E. Oliu , Charles T. Brusaw (Sinclair Community College) , Gerald J. Alred (University of Wisconsin -- Milwaukee)

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-01948-X; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-01948-8; Format: Paper Text, 34 pages

Almost 250 diverse annotated sample documents and visuals model successful workplace writing. Helpful annotations on real-world correspondence, proposals, presentations, formal reports, and résumés illustrate the characteristics of each document type.

Consistent focus on key rhetorical concepts as the foundation for workplace writing. Emphasizing process, Part 1 of the book applies seasoned advice on audience and purpose to guide students through planning, organizing, drafting, and revision of professional messaging.

Succinct checklists for considering audience and purpose, drafting, and designing documents summarize for students the nuts and bolts of ethical, effective communication.

Practical, thorough apparatus for student learning — in the classroom and online. End-of-chapter exercises, collaborative projects, and research projects provide starting points for engaging students in live, online, or hybrid courses and in their community.

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