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Smart search

We asked 1,600 students how they use references and how they search for help with writing problems. We built the smart search with their responses in mind—Writer's Help 2.0 gives reliable results even when students aren’t familiar with composition terms and instead use terms like flow, point, or getting unstuck. It also responds to broad search terms like research and to common teacher comments like need more details.      

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Trusted content

Based on the most widely used writing advice on the market from Bedford/St. Martin’s premier handbook families, Writer’s Help 2.0 provides explanations and examples, exercises, glosses, charts, and sample student work—all in a convenient online format. Users who are familiar with handbook content by Diana Hacker and Nancy Sommers and by Andrea Lunsford will recognize the consistent and friendly tone, direct approach, and class-tested examples that teach. Stephen Bernhardt adds expertise in instructional design and writing in the disciplines.

With the content that writing teachers trust and a search engine that recognizes student language, Writer’s Help 2.0 is a robust, relevant tool that can close the gap between search and find. It also offers opportunities for instructors and students to provide feedback to us to continually improve this educational product.

Assignability and tracking

Instructors using Writer’s Help 2.0 can easily assign reading or activities with clear due dates and expectations. Recording grades and tracking progress—by student or by class—is simple with Writer’s Help 2.0


Adaptive exercises that engage students

Writer’s Help 2.0 includes LearningCurve, game-like online quizzing that adapts to what students already know and helps them focus on what they need to learn. Links to pages in Writer’s Help 2.0 provide support for students as they work through grammar and writing topics, including topics for multilingual writers.